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Wash-ups and Observations


Become an Observateur des Pertuis (Observer of the Straits)
In partnership with the Research Centre on Sea Mammals of La Rochelle University (CRMM), La Rochelle Aquarium has launched an initiative called "Observateurs des Pertuis".

This campaign calls on all sea users (fishing professionals, sailors, water brigade of the French gendarmerie, sports people and so on) to report the presence of sea turtles, cetaceans or other species, such as the ocean sunfish, observed in the sea.
This information will help us to identify which species can be found here, and how often they are spotted. These studies on marine populations and their behaviour are also invaluable indicators of the quality of the marine environment.
Observation forms are available for reporting viewings, either from harbour master’s offices or online by clicking directly on the links.

Please feel free to take part and send your observations to the Aquarium for sea turtles and to the CRMM for other mammals.
If you come across a living animal in the sea, keep your distance and contact, 7 days a week:
- the C.E.S.T.M. of La Rochelle Aquarium on +33 (0)5 46 34 00 00 (for sea turtles)
- the C.R.M.M. of La Rochelle University on +33 (0) 46 44 99 10 (for sea mammals) or,
- the nearest semaphore by VHF
If you see a dead animal adrift, you should also contact the centres. All observations are an invaluable source of information

Reminder: Sea turtles are closely protected

Sea turtles are protected worldwide by the Washington Convention (on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora) and by order of the French Ministry of Environment since 31st July 1991, amended by the order of 9th November 2000 which lays down the list of protected sea turtles in France.

“The following is prohibited at all times in France: the destruction or removal of eggs and nests, the mutilation, destruction, capture or removal, naturalisation or, whether they are alive or dead, the transport, peddling, use, putting up for sale, sale or purchasing of specimens of sea turtle species.”