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published on 24-04-2012
The coast exposed !
A new space in the visit of the Aquarium La Rochelle reveals a new dimension of the foreshore.
Discrete ecosystem, living to the rhythm of the tides, the foreshore conceals many mysteries. Thanks to its technical and laboratory expertise, the Aquarium La Rochelle recreates a unique vision of rocks lashed by waves and filled with seaweed rarely kept in aquariums.
“The heart of this carpet, swaying to the rhythm of the waves is a shelter for many animals. From the delicate shrimp to the shy goby, they all seem very fragile. Yet, every day, against all odds, they fight for their survival.”
Modern cases, specially designed for observations, microscopes and spherical aquariums offer a new perspective on the species of our coast. Thus, amateur of foot fishing or curious stroller, each one will linger over the contemplation of this strange universe, to every least detail…
The mysterious species of the foreshore will reveal all their secrets to you!

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