Exhibition 2017

Exhibition 2017


Exhibition 2017

Coral reefs: Threatened thousand-year-old structures.

From March 11th 2017 to March 12th 2018. Free entrance in the Aquarium reception hall.

In 2017, the Aquarium La Rochelle dedicates its entire new temporary exhibition to Coral Reefs. Discover an educational and playful journey to understand the importance of their existence and the necessity of their protection. Between Atoll and Lagoon, Pygmy Seahorse and Scorpion fish, enjoy a nice tour in the tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans.
#See : a 4 minutes movie to witness Coral reef spawning in the Caribbean.
#Touch : recognize some of the reef inhabitants.
#Play : find the animals hiding in the reef and answer our quiz.
#Watch : a coral reef model and various shape of skeletons, including some found on our local coasts (Eric Dépré’s collection).
#Read : a free educational leaflet is available at the reception (in French only).

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