Visites de groupes - Aquarium La Rochelle
Visites de groupes - Aquarium La Rochelle

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School - Special education groups




Due to the exceptional circumstances, the number of visitors is very severely limited.


Reservation and prepayment (bank transfer or check) are compulsory. We won’t be able to accommodate any group without pre-booking.


Reservations are made Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the latest one week before your visit.


The whole team is available by email: .


We thank you for your understanding.



We welcome primary schools, secondary schools, therapeutic education and teaching institutes, clinics for developmentally disabled children, rural training centres, public education wards, state school residences, state holiday camps, sailing schools/residences, etc.
As a place of scientific knowledge, La Rochelle Aquarium offers educational visits and activities that will give visitors a better understanding of the sea.


Visit (about 90 min.)

Discover the underwater world by diving into the planet's oceans and seas.




Extra chaperones




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