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La Rochelle Aquarium has hosted an average of 800,000 visitors each year since it opened its doors in December 2000, thanks in part to the support of its historical partners. 


> Groupe Coutant

Founded in the early 1960s, the Coutant Group has over 10,000 references worldwide and is no. 1 in Europe in its sector: the design, construction and management of public aquariums and the creation of environmental staging..

The group includes three entities: Coutant Aquariums, Alter Ego and of course La Rochelle Aquarium. 


> Crédit Agricole

Our financial partner has supported many of our actions aimed at schoolchildren and the environment.


La Rochelle Aquarium is a member of professional and scientific networks the likes of:

E.U.A.C. : European Union of Aquarium Curators.

UCA : French Union of Aquarium Curators, along with l’Aquarium de la Porte Dorée in Paris. 


Jean-Michel Bénier

Has been creating the Aquarium's posters for the past 25 years.

Visit his website to discover his world and his latest exhibition at the Aquarium, Mers (Seas).


With our commitment to scientific research and environmental protection, La Rochelle Aquarium also works with a large number of specialists in those domains.



The Aquarium works with the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) as part of scientific exchanges.



The French National Centre for Space Study (CNES) organizes the Argonautica symposium, in whose conferences and activities the CESTM (the Aquarium's Research and Care Centre for Sea Turtles) is an active participant.

CNES also fits the turtles collected by the CESTM with tags before they are returned to the ocean.


Pelagis Observatory

Avec le C.E.S.T.M., ils ont lancé l’opération « Observateurs des Pertuis » depuis 1996 qui permet de répertorier les tortues et les mammifères marins repérés sur les côtes atlantiques.


Poitou-Charentes Regional Environmental Observatory

Relay for the Aquarium's scientific news.



The sea turtles information network and relay for the CESTM's news..




> LPO 


The Aquarium is an active participant in the actions conducted by the French League for the Protection of Birds (LPO).


> Mouvement Colibris

Movement initiated by Pierre Rabhi, the Movement for the Earth and Humanism is becoming a platform for exchange and inspiration for all those who aspire to a new society project placing human and nature at the center of our concerns .


Many French media follow our major events and relay our actions:

France 3 Poitou Charentes

> Sud Ouest

Le Phare de Ré

Hebdo 17

> France Bleu

Virgin Radio

> Nostalgie


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