What is the purpose of an aquarium?

To observe, understand, learn or protect, an aquarium has different roles!


Aquariums allow many people to discover and admire the many species that inhabit the marine world, which are sometimes difficult to observe in their natural environment.

Indeed, it is difficult to go around the world to discover the diversity of ecosystems and animals that are hidden there! Starting with the European coastline and ending with the warm waters of the tropics, the Aquarium offers a good overview of the different climates that are home to fish, molluscs, crustaceans, sharks, turtles and coral.

Moreover, it is complex to go directly to the marine species without disturbing them. Each dive has consequences: a flipper stroke is likely to disturb a fish or break a coral, and small gestures that are harmless to humans can completely confuse the cues (visual, acoustic, olfactory…) of marine animals. A simple stone turned over, for example, can disturb the organisms that are stuck to it and develop there.

Aquariums are a unique opportunity to admire marine species and their environment!

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The Aquarium La Rochelle helps scientists who study marine species. The structure regularly shares its facilities, tanks and biologists’ knowledge with researchers.

In addition, the caretakers, divers and biologists of the Aquarium La Rochelle are developing several research projects. This is particularly the case for larval rearing. Recent successes include the birth of butterfly fish in August, and the birth of striped paddlefish last June.


Raising awareness is one of the priorities of the Aquarium La Rochelle. Its goal is to inform by sharing its scientific knowledge of the underwater environment. It ensures that this knowledge is clear and understandable.

Educational activities on various themes (biodiversity, global warming, etc.) are organised in the form of workshops, conferences and round tables. Presented to individuals as well as to companies, schools and high schools, they make scientific information accessible to all ages.

Traditional media and social networks are also great tools for the Aquarium. Indeed, they allow us to transmit knowledge to a large audience and to interact with them.


The preservation and protection of marine species are central to the concerns of the Aquarium La Rochelle. Since its creation, it has been committed to the protection of marine turtles. Indeed, the Aquarium has developed the Centre d’Etudes et de Soins pour les Tortues Marines. Turtles reported to be in distress throughout the Channel-Atlantic coastline are taken in, housed and cared for there, with the aim of reintroducing them into their natural environment, as soon as their condition allows.

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