La Rochelle and surroundings

The Aquarium La Rochelle offers some ideas for organising your stay in Charente Maritime.

La Rochelle
Nouvelle Aquitaine

Top 5 visits

The Towers of La Rochelle

Emblematic monuments of La Rochelle, the lantern tower, the chain tower and the Saint-Nicolas tower reveal part of the history of La Rochelle. Temporary exhibitions are to be discovered, including “C’est arrivé demain”, devoted to the world of comics and science fiction.

The Natural History Museum

At the heart of the Jardin des Plantes is La Rochelle’s natural history museum. In 2021, an odyssey is offered to you: Whales, from Bangudae (South Korea) to La Rochelle.

The Museum Maritime

Comprising exhibitions on land and on water, the Maritime Museum of La Rochelle is an invitation to plunge into the heart of an exciting marine universe. In 2021, extend your experience with the temporary exhibition Climat Océan.

Croisières Inter-Iles

From La Rochelle, choose the open sea and embark for Fort Boyard, the Ile de Ré, the Ile d’Oléron or the Ile d’Aix. Catamaran outings are organised in the summer, at nightfall, a must!

Guided Tour of La Rochelle

Through treasure hunts, by Segway, in the footsteps of a musketeer or discovering the flavours of La Rochelle, there are a thousand ways to discover our beautiful city, let yourself be tempted!

Top 3 events


From 10 to 14 July, enjoy a series of concerts in the heart of the city.

Adventure Film Festival

Every year, the Adventures Film Festival makes La Rochelle vibrate in November. The Aquarium La Rochelle is pleased to be a partner of this eco-event and hosts a retrospective every year.

Festival La Rochelle Cinémas

Between the end of June and the beginning of July, the Festival La Rochelle Cinémas is held in La Rochelle. Screenings follow one another and celebrate the cinema of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Must-sees in Charentes

During your stay in Charente or Charente-Maritime, in addition to visiting the Aquarium La Rochelle, we invite you to discover:

Arsenal des Mers

Located some thirty kilometres from La Rochelle, the Arsenal des Mers in Rochefort offers the opportunity to experience the maritime adventure through 350 years of history.

Zoo de la Palmyre

An hour’s drive from La Rochelle is the Zoo de la Palmyre. Discover one of the most renowned zoological parks in Europe and meet its 1600 mammals, birds and reptiles in the heart of an 18-hectare pine forest.

Antilles de Jonzac

Ready for a serene break in water at 32°C? The Jonzac Antilles offer a tropical break in Charente-Maritime.

Cité de la Bande Dessinée

Less than 2 hours drive from La Rochelle, you will discover the Cité internationale de la bande dessinée (International City of Comics). Original comic strip plates, drawings and derived objects form an exceptional collection unique in Europe, preserved and exhibited in Angoulême.

From the caves of Lascaux to the Rhune train, from the Cité du Vin to the Cité de la Tapisserie, from the Futuroscope to the Valley of the Monkeys, New Aquitaine offers an infinite range of experiences for young and old alike.

3 family activities to do

La Vallée des Singes

The Valley of the Monkeys is a place of knowledge dedicated to primates. With more than 450 monkeys, the Valley fascinates young and old alike.

Le Château des Enigmes

In Pons, not far from La Rochelle, visit a magnificent Renaissance castle listed as a Historic Monument through a treasure hunt on the theme of pirates.

Marais Poitevin

Less than an hour’s drive from La Rochelle, take a boat trip to discover the fauna and flora of the Marais Poitevin.


3 activities to do with friends

La Cité du Vin

Located in Bordeaux, the Cité du Vin is a new-generation cultural centre, unique in the world, where wine is presented in its cultural, civilisational, heritage and universal dimensions.

Les grottes de Lascaux

The Grotte de Lascaux is a prehistoric cave discovered in 1940 by 4 teenagers at Montignac in the Dordogne in the Vézère valley. Since 2016, the international centre for cave art, Lascaux 4, offers a unique journey through time.

Le Futuroscope

If it is superfluous to present Futuroscope, did you know that its new attraction, “Objectif Mars”, has been awarded in the category Best roller coaster of the year? One more reason to visit this amusement park!

3 activities to do alone or in pairs

Les Bassins des Lumières

Situated in the former submarine base of Bordeaux, the Bassins des Lumières allow you to rediscover the iconic works of renowned painters in a unique building. After Klimt and Klee, Monet, Renoir and Chagall took over the place.

Le Train de la Rhune

Discover a magnificent 360° panorama from the most mythical peak in the Basque Country. Approximately 10 kms from Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Biarritz, a collector’s rack and pinion train takes you in 35 minutes to an altitude of 905 metres.

La Cité internationale de la tapisserie

The International City of Tapestry offers an exclusive series of thirteen tapestries and one rug, woven from the original graphic work of J. R. R. Tolkien (1892-1973).

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