Partners and friends

Find on this page the partners and friends of the Aquarium La Rochelle.

Artists, institutions, scientists... they all play a part in the life of the Aquarium.

The Aquarium La Rochelle is part of professional and scientific networks, such as:

E.U.A.C. E.U.A.C. Union of European Aquarium Conservators

UCA UCA French Union of Aquarium Conservators


The Aquarium La Rochelle surrounds itself with artists to sign its various campaigns:

Jean-Michel Bénier has produced the Aquarium’s last two campaigns.

Héloïse Hélène réalise les deux dernières campagnes de l’Aquarium.


Committed to scientific research and the preservation of the environment, the Aquarium La Rochelle also works in collaboration with many specialists in these fields.


The Aquarium works with the CNRS within the framework of scientific exchanges.


Organiser of the Argonautica symposium in which C.E.S.T.M. actively participates through conferences and events. The CNES also equips with beacons, the turtles collected by the C.E.S.T.M. for their return to the Ocean.

PELAGIS Observatory

Together with the C.E.S.T.M., they launched the “Pertuis Observers” operation in 1996, which enables them to list the turtles and marine mammals spotted on the Atlantic coasts.

Regional Observatory for the environnement in Poitou-Charentes

Aquarium’s scientific news relays.



Hummingbird Movement

Initiated by Pierre Rabhi, the Movement for Earth and Humanism tends to become a platform for exchange and inspiration for all those who aspire to a new project of society that puts human beings and nature back at the centre of our concerns.


Numerous media follow us on our major events and relay our actions:

France 3 Poitou Charentes

Sud Ouest

Le Phare de Ré

Hebdo 17

France Bleu

Virgin Radio



France Télévisions


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