Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes, biologists, caregivers and technicians come together to preserve, breed, manage and maintain the life of the site. Thanks to them, the public can admire these faithful recreations of the ocean's depths.

Each day, 18 kg of fish, shellfish, crustaceans, molluscs and plants are prepared and distributed between the 78 aquariums arranged for the visit and the 150 quarantine tanks.

Behind the scenes, many daily duties

The presentation of marine fauna in aquariums involves bringing together within the teams numerous skills in marine biology, botany, seawater chemistry, air conditioning, electricity, fluid circulation or even legislation.

Behind the curtain, a team of specialists is at work.

Each day of the year, the daily work of the staff at La Rochelle Aquarium consists of checking the animals’ state of health, ensuring the quality of the aquariums’ appearance, guaranteeing visitor comfort, receiving new residents into the quarantine tanks, studying and tracking reproduction, and maintaining the technical systems (pumps, filtration, aeration, lighting, etc., including the hourly treatment of the site’s 3 million litres of seawater)..

The spectacle of the aquariums is modelled on reality: the physical and chemical properties of the water, the lighting and decoration, and the cohabitation of different species all reproduce the natural environment so that the true behaviours of the species can be observed.




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