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What is a sanitary pass?

The “health pass” consists of the presentation, digitally (via the TousAntiCovid application) or on paper, of one of the following three health proofs


1. Vaccination, provided that people have a complete vaccination plan and the necessary time after the final injection, i.e. :


7 days after the 2nd injection for double injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca).

28 days after injection for single injection vaccines (Johnson & Johnson)

7 days after injection for vaccines in people with a history of Covid (single injection).


Since 27 May, all vaccinated persons can collect their vaccination certificate on the Health Insurance teleservice . In addition, any health professional can retrieve a vaccination certificate and print it if a person requests it.


2. The certificate of a negative test less than 72 hours old


All RT-PCR, antigenic and supervised self-tests generate a proof as soon as the result is entered by the healthcare professional in SI-DEP, which can be printed out on-line and which is also made available to the patient via an e-mail and an SMS to be retrieved on the SI-DEP portal ( On TousAntiCovid, the import of the proof into the application is done by the patient.


3. The result of a positive RT-PCR or antigenic test attesting to the recovery of Covid-19, dating back at least 11 days and less than 6 months.


Positive RT-PCR or antigenic tests older than 11 days and less than 6 months (considered to date) indicate a limited risk of re-infection with Covid-19.



Find all the information related to the health pass on the government website.

Is the sanitary pass compulsory?

Following the latest government announcements, from July 21, 2021, presentation of a valid health pass is mandatory to visit the Aquarium for adults (from the age of 18).


Find all the information about the sanitary pass on the government website.

Is wearing a mask compulsory?

Wearing a mask is compulsory for adults and children from the age of 11. It is strongly recommended from the age of 6.

Discover all the exceptional measures

Is the number of places limited?

Yes, the number of places is very limited, certain time slots, half-days or days can quickly be full; only the purchase of time-stamped tickets on our website allows access to the Aquarium on the day and at the time chosen.


Buy your tickets on the Aquarium’s website

What sanitary measures have been put in place at the Aquarium La Rochelle?

For your safety and that of the team, the Aquarium has put in place new measures. Amongst the most important, wearing a mask is compulsory for adults and children from the age of 11 and is strongly recommended for children aged 6 and over, fifteen or so hydro-alcoholic gels are available at regular intervals and the frequency of cleaning in key areas has been greatly increased.


We would also like to inform you that the cloakroom service is closed. It is therefore not possible to leave personal effects (coat, umbrella, suitcase, etc.).


Consult all the sanitary measures at the La Rochelle Aquarium

Visitor FAQs : How to get to La Rochelle Aquarium

By train
La Rochelle SNCF railway station, 5 minutes walk from the Aquarium.
(Paris – La Rochelle TGV lines)

With Intercités and TER :

From Bordeaux, several round trips per day. The journey time for direct trains is about 2h05.

From Nantes, 3 return trips per day (duration of the journey 2h30 depending on the stops).

The advantages of the train



By car
Follow signs for “Centre-ville/Gare SNCF”
(GPS: Quai Louis Prunier – latitude 46°9’37″ – longitude 1°9’4″)

Municipal car park across from the Aquarium.

By bus
Illico line 3 and 4 – Aquarium stop

Visitor FAQs : Are there car parks near the Aquarium ?

Encan car park:

Encan municipal car park across from the Aquarium. Info and rates here.


Vieux Port car park:

Municipal paid parking alongside the Aquarium, across from Hôtel Mercure. Info and rates here.


P&R car park :

A park & ride site on the outskirts of the city.

Visitor FAQs : Teachers - Education Pass

Aquarium La Rochelle is a private site that is not covered by the Education Pass, which is restricted to national museums and monuments.
We can meet with teachers during a preliminary visit, after booking a visit or an activity for their class.

Feel free to visit the “Education” section to discover the educational activities organised at the Aquarium La Rochelle.


Visitor FAQs : How much time does a self-guided tour take with a group of schoolchildren ?

You should expect the visit to take about 90 minutes for a school group. You should also add on time to collect your tickets, visit the toilet, explore the gift shop, etc., and all the delays that naturally occur when organizing and shepherding groups of 10 people or more.

Visitor FAQs : Are there any materials available for schoolchildren ?

Yes. These documents are adapted to the students’ level and are often crucial to attracting their attention to certain aspects of the visit and encouraging them to observe and ask questions. These materials are available on request when you make your booking.


Visitor FAQs : Are visits to the Aquarium suitable for international students ?

Yes. Inside the exhibition, all informational texts are provided in French and in English. Audio guides in French, English, German and Spanish can also be reserved. They make for a perfect supplement to a self-guided tour, providing a great deal of information and anecdotes in addition to the written information about the animals and environments on display.

Visitor FAQs : Is it necessary to prepare the visit or leave the surprise of the discovery to the children?

It is recommended to prepare the visit with the children in order to make the most of it. A teaching team is at your disposal on 05 46 34 00 00 to help you in this process by offering you work ideas, accompanying documents and a teacher’s file.

Visitor FAQs : Do you offer any activities specifically for schoolchildren ?

Yes. Special activities are available for nursery school to secondary school groups only in French. They are designed by a team of teachers and scientists and are adjusted for suiting the different levels of study.

Visitor FAQs : Are there any special instructions to be given to the children before the visit ?

During the visit, children are under their teachers’ responsibility.

So as not to disrupt the calm of the Aquarium, we ask our visitors not to run around and to speak in low voices in the exhibition spaces.

To avoid frightening the animals, we do not allow flash photography, and visitors are prohibited from rapping on the windows.

If the children are going to have a questionnaire to complete during their visit, please provide them with something to write on so that they do not use the aquarium windows as a prop.

Can I swim with the sharks / in the tanks ?

No, because of the Aquarium La Rochelle health and safety rules.
The caregivers and divers at the Aquarium have to meet certain standards and are required to take a large number of training courses before they can approach the sharks or swim in the tanks.

Can I bring my dog ?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed inside the Aquarium.

This rule is required by an order issued on 25 March 2004 and published in the French Official Gazette on 1st April 2004.
That order defines the general rules for the facilities at fixed, permanent zoological establishments that present living specimens of local or foreign wildlife and that fall under category 2140 of the nomenclature for ICPE environmental protection classified facilities.


Article 13 of this order concerns our canine friends in particular:
” The animals must be protected from hunting by animals from outside the establishment. They must not be disturbed or excited by animals from outside the establishment. As necessary, establishments must implement programmes to control those undesirable animal populations.”

The only animals we can allow are guide dogs for the blind and partially sighted.


Do you shelter Florida turtles ?

La Rochelle Aquarium does not take in Florida turtles.

You can contact the DDPP (Direction Départementale de la Protection des Populations) of the department by phone on +33 (0)5 46 68 60 00.

Are there any dolphins or other marine mammals at La Rochelle Aquarium ?

Because we are unable to recreate optimal living conditions for them, La Rochelle Aquarium prefers not to present marine mammals in captivity.

Do you have a picnic area ?

The Aquarium does not have a specific area for picnicking.

Sheltered benches on the Aquarium’s forecourt are available to our visitors…

Is there a cloakroom ?

Due to the health crisis, the cloakroom and stroller and wheelchair loan services are closed. Bags larger than 60 * 40 * 20 cm are not accepted in the visit.

Can we have lunch during our visit to the Aquarium?

A visit to the Aquarium takes an average of 1h30 hours. You will not be able to go out to eat and then re-enter the exhibition. So please plan to eat before or after your visit.
The Brasserie Là-Haut is located outside the ticketed area, as is the takeaway venue in front of the entrance to the Aquarium.

Pushchairs and wheelchairs

Pushchairs and wheelchairs are allowed in the tour, bike trailer or tricycles are forbidden.

Due to the health crisis, the stroller and wheelchair loan is unavailable. Bags larger than 60 * 40 * 20 cm are not accepted in the visit.


Can I take pictures or video in the Aquarium ?

Photographic and video cameras are allowed during your visit.

However, in the interest of the animals’ health, flash photography is strictly prohibited.

Means of payment

Buying a ticket online is essential for visiting the La Rochelle Aquarium.

The number of places is limited.

The means of payment at the Aquarium cash desk are as follows:

Chèques vacances ANCV
Chèques culture du groupe Lire

CB strongly encouraged, avoid cash.

The number of places being limited, in case of purchase on site, your access to the exhibition immediately after the purchase is not guaranteed. The next availability will be offered.

What training do I need to become a biologist?

Aquarium biologists generally have a university degree in Biological Oceanography, some with a PhD. Aquarium keepers and technicians have different training according to their speciality. It is however necessary to aim at a level of Bac + 2.
To work in an aquarium, it is recommended that you choose the “aquaculture” or “aquariology” course of study and that you hold a class 1 professional diving diploma (B mention).

Here are the contact details of the Institut National de Plongée Professionnelle (National Institute of Professional Diving) for information:
Entrée 3 – Port de la Pointe Rouge – 13008 Marseille –

The Universities of Brest, Marseille and Paris provide Master 2 courses. There are also shorter and more technical courses at INTECHMER Cherbourg, CREUFOP in Montpellier, IUT du Montet in Nancy.
More information on seafaring professions is available on the Maison des Océans website in Paris.

In Charente Maritime there are two public establishments in which provide training in certain seafaring professions: Lycée d’Enseignement Maritime et Aquacole, Avenue du Maréchal Juin in La Rochelle, and the Lycée de la Mer et du Littoral, rue William Bertrand in Bourcefranc.
Here is also a site that makes it possible to make the link between the training courses and the trades, there are also trade sheets:
This site is set up by the ONISEP and the 3 universities of the PRES La Rochelle, Limoges, and Poitiers.

Donation requests

To enable it to be processed as quickly as possible, please send us your request by post and on headed paper, indicating:

The contact details of the association (no reply will be sent to personal addresses),
The type of event,
The date of your event.
The licence number of your association.

At the following address

Aquarium La Rochelle
Service commercial
Quai Louis Prunier – BP 4
17002 La Rochelle Cedex 1


We will study your request with the utmost attention, and will keep you informed in the event of a positive response from us.

Sanitary pass and exceptional measures

Following the latest government announcements, from July 21, 2021, presentation of a valid health pass is mandatory to visit the Aquarium for adults (from the age of 18).


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