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The Centre for the Study and Care of Marine Turtles at the Aquarium La Rochelle operates along the entire Channel-Atlantic coast, from the Belgian to the Spanish borders.

On the beach reportings

Turtles stranded on the beach alive or dead


If I find a turtle stranded on the beach, alive or dead, on the Atlantic Channel coast, what should I do?

Remain at a distance and contact the Aquarium La Rochelle immediately at


05 46 34 00 00


Strandings of live marine turtles are mainly characterised by turtles in the juvenile pelagic stage (first years after birth) also known as “lost years” due to the lack of knowledge and few observations of these individuals at this stage of life.

The dead stranded turtles are essentially strandings of Leatherback turtles, large and easily recognisable as they are the only turtles without scales on their shells.

Report your observations at sea!

The Aquarium La Rochelle, in partnership with the PELAGIS Observatory (La Rochelle University – CNRS), launched the participatory science programme called “Report your observations” in 1996.

This programme invites all sailors to report sightings of sea turtles, cetaceans or other species, such as sunfish, at sea.

These data enable us to identify the species present on the territory and the frequency of their observation. To take part in the campaign, observation sheets are available online, in the captain’s offices or can be downloaded below.

Download the form


If you come across a live, dead or drifting animal at sea, stay away and contact the CESTM 7 days a week:

  • For marine turtles: contact the CESTM on +33 5 46 34 00 00
  • For marine mammals: contact the Pelagis Observatory on +33 5 46 44 99 10


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