Top 10 reasons to visit the Aquarium

Are you on vacation or a weekend near La Rochelle? Are you looking for interesting activities to do with family or friends? So, So, here's why you should definitely visit the La Rochelle Aquarium.

1. Dream

Embark on a journey around the world to discover more than 12,000 marine animals.

Leopard rays, bull sharks, starfish, angel fish and sea turtles are just a few of the wonders you can observe.

2. Understand

The Aquarium’s mission is also to educate visitors about preserving the oceans. This partially explored ecosystem remains a mysterious and little-known universe.

By getting close to the marine species, in a reconstruction of their natural environment, and by consulting the educational information relating to them, you will learn the essential of the current challenges of the marine world.

3. Preserve

The Aquarium La Rochelle is also a Center for the Study and Preservation of Marine Species. By visiting the Aquarium, everyone contributes to the funding of numerous research and preservation actions for the marine world…

For example, the Aquarium houses the Center for the Study and Care of Sea Turtles.

4. Travel

The Aquarium allows you, from La Rochelle, to explore the seas and oceans of the world.

What will be your favorite destination this summer? Atlantic coast? Mediterranean? Caribbean? Indo-Pacific?

5. Transmit

Use the Aquarium to share, through generations, with friends or family, your discoveries of the underwater world.

6. Share a unique family experience

After these many weeks of confinement, live new adventures and create lasting memories.

7. Be the first to discover the novelties of the Aquarium

The team of biologists and divers took advantage of the closure to enhance the exhibition.

A first clue?

Open your eyes in the jellyfish tunnel …

8. Stroll through the Old Port of La Rochelle

Located close to the Old Port and La Rochelle train station, the Aquarium sits at the edge of the Grands Yachts basin.

The perfect opportunity to rediscover the city.

9. Shopping in the Mémoires d’Oceans shop

Mémoires d’Oceans is the story of a unique concept store on the theme of the Ocean.

A selection of original, beautiful and useful products that respect our planet.

10. Lunch in a high-pitched brasserie

Overlooking the tropical greenhouse of the Aquarium La Rochelle, the Brasserie Là-Haut offers, from its room and its terrace, a view overlooking the famous towers of the city.

Huge bay windows, open space and sunny terrace: an atmosphere that is both bright and warm.

Get ready for a tasteful and original experience!

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