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Blackchin Guitarfish

Rhinobatos cemiculus
Conservation status :

Endangered species

  • Group
  • Size
    1 metre 50
  • Distribution area

    The blackchin guitarfish frequents the Mediterranean and the eastern shores of the Atlantic, from Portugal down to Angola.

this character

It inhabits sandy or muddy seabeds at depths of 9 to 100 metres.

Its grainy skin is an even beige, allowing it to blend in with the sand. It feeds on bottom-dwelling fish and invertebrates.


This species is ovoviviparous, meaning it ovulates and the eggs later hatch inside the mother's body. The guitarfish has one or two clutches a year, with four to six embryos each.

« It uses its tail to move around, whilst other rays use their pectoral fins. It is nicknamed the 'shark ray' for its seeming mixture of a ray (in front) and a shark (at the back). »

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