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Aeoliscus strigatus
Conservation status :

Not evaluated

  • Group
  • Size
    12 centimetres
  • Distribution area

    The razorfish can be found in the tropical parts of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from the Seychelles to New Caledonia. It has no presence in the Red Sea.

this character

This thin-bodied fish has a ventral spur and is covered in bony plates.

It moves around by rippling its fins.

It swims vertically, head down
, as it looks for the planktonic crustaceans that it eats. 
It lives near the ocean floor at depths of 0 to 35 m.
Razorfish form groups of 10 to several hundred fish.
In case of danger, they hide in the branches of sea fans or coral or in the long spines of hatpin urchins.

« The posterior of the razorfish is marked by the presence of a spine in the place of a dorsal fin. In this fish, the tail, or caudal fin, is on its underside. »

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