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Marine animals

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A Harmony
of Colours
in the Tropics

Driving in the Caribbean

A wave drops us into the mildness of the Caribbean. Our imaginations are awakened at the sight of angelfish, surgeon fish, boxfish and parrot fish. Here, all the acrobats compete with one another with their iridescent hues!

Green and snowflake moray eels and queen triggerfish dress up in subtle outfits of blues and greens that reflect in the mirrored scales carved into the moon of the moonfish...

The magic of the tropical stage!

The characters
on stage
The royal gramma, also known as the fairy basslet, lives in small shoals close to coral reefs, from
Gramma loreto
This little red crab, called 'touloulou' or 'tourlourou' in French, is common to
Gecarcinus lateralis
The green moray lives in rocky areas and coral reefs between 3 and 40 m underwater.
Gymnothorax funebris
Selene vomer
This fish lives up to 40 m underwater, on stretches of sand and coral debris nearby reefs.
Opistognathus aurifrons
The long-spine porcupinefish has powerful jaws with teeth joined together to form a beak.
Diodon holacanthus
At the base of their opercle, all angelfish have a strong spine that points backward and becomes a f
Pomacanthus paru
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