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Marine animals

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Dreaming and
Understanding the Sea

Children's Voyage

These spaces were designed for our younger audience so they can share a unique experience with their families.

From sharks to turtles, and from the sparkling fish of the Atlantic to the colourful swimmers of the Tropics, all the heroes of the ocean are here. Over the space of two hours, your kids will be amazed and their curiosity excited by this captivating world.

This adventure into the depths of the ocean is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for their imaginations: they can play at being scientists and explorers and, after their 'dive' with the sharks, the tropical forest will become the scene of their own Jungle Book.

The Moorish idol is related to surgeonfish but differs in its lack of a scalpel shaped spine at the
Zanclus cornutus
Also known as the 'giant wrasse', it is one of the largest fish in the reefs, reaching siz
Cheilinus undulatus
Clownfish are the only fish that can survive the touch of the venomous tentacles of sea anemone, whi
Amphiprion percula
The white-spotted puffer is found on mixed seabeds (of coral, sand, detritus and sea grass) in estua
Arothron hispidus
The body of boxfish is formed of joined bony plates that give them their characteristic box-like sha
Lactoria cornuta
They live in communities led by a dominant couple.
Amphiprion clarkii
The powder blue tang lives in the clear waters of coral reefs.
Acanthurus leucosternon
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