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for the Blue Planet

"The sea is not a rubbish bin"
A message that calls out to the general public
to protect the ocean and the environment.

« The sea is not a rubbish bin »

A message for the planet

"The sea is not a rubbish bin' is a daily commitment, a symbol calling as many people as possible to act with greater vigilance against the waste that frequently ends up in the ocean, especially plastic bags.Launched more than 15 years ago, this campaign, then sponsored by Isabelle Autissier and Nicolas Hulot, now encompasses all of La Rochelle Aquarium's awareness-raising actions.

(targeted activities, educational events, releases of turtles, beach cleaning and so on).



2011 and 2012 were big years, when the Aquarium fitted out a ship in sea turtle colours. A small 6.5 m vessel thus became the standard-bearer shedding light on the cause of these endangered perpetual migrants.
As it sailed across their feeding areas in the Atlantic during the races in its class,«  La Tortue de l’Aquarium » set its course for Bahia on 25 September 2011 to take its message to the sea turtles’ nesting sites on the other side of the Atlantic.


A message on display: the timeless, symbolic Aquarium t-shirt with an « Earth turtle » and the slogan (in French), 'The sea is not a rubbish bin'. The Aquarium's teams all wear it whenever they are working with the general public!



You too become an ambassador

• Pick up a sticker for your car (€0.50, all proceeds going to the CESTM).
• Wear the t-shirt for any occasion! Available from the gift shop (€1 from each purchase goes to the CESTM)

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