Une entreprise éco-citoyenne - Aquarium La Rochelle

A Socially
Responsible Company

Limiting our ecological footprint and
taking daily action for the environment,
the Aquarium conserves life and has a duty to serve as an example.

« Because there is no such thing as big and small actions for the planet. »

Our facilities

  • Installation of heat pumps to optimize our energy consumption (of every 1,000 kW supplied, they consume 250 kW of power).
  • Use of low energy bulbs and LED lighting throughout the building.
  • Printing on paper from sustainably managed forests.
  • Recycling of ink cartridges, batteries, paper, cardboard and neon bulbs.
  • Biological pest control in the greenhouse..
  • Installation of 104 m² of photovoltaic panels: production is broadcast on an educational panel in the entrance hall, offering all visitors the chance to learn about the instantaneous production of solar energy. This system produces the energy needed to supply five households of four people each, or 20 people in total..

Acting for the Blue Planet

All in the Family

At the Centre of life in La Rochelle

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