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Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray

Taeniura lymma


The bluespotted ribbontail ray lives near coral reefs.

During high tide, it migrates as a group through shallow waters with sandy beds, feeding on molluscs, worms, shrimp and crabs. It hunts by digging in the sand, which often attracts other fish looking for any prey that might be uncovered. The groups then scatter at low tide, each ray going to hide in the crevices of the reef or under a rocky spur.

Unlike other rays, the bluespotted ribbontail rarely burrows under the sand.


This species is ovoviviparous, meaning that its eggs develop inside the female until they are ready to hatch the fully formed progeny.

Each clutch can result in up to seven young rays.

This ray's whip-like tail comes with two venomous stingers that can inflict dangerous injury, although accidents are more often caused by mistakes made by divers in their behaviour.

Indo-Pacific area


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