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Commerson’s or Giant Frogfish

Antennarius commerson


This fish, with its massive, globular body, is a poor swimmer. To move about, it uses its pectoral fins ending in a sort of webbed hand to hop around. It frequents lagoons and coral reefs up to 70 m in depth and often hides among the sponges. Each fish can change colour depending on the substrate on which it is resting. As a result, its colour is highly variable: white, grey, yellow, green, red or black.

The giant frogfish lies in wait to hunt fish up to its own size. With its perfect camouflage, it remains immobile and sucks in prey that passes within its reach. It is able to do this thanks to its protractile mouth, allowing it to thrust its jaws forward in just a few milliseconds.


During the mating season, the male and the female take a nuptial parade and then leave the ocean floor, rising close to the surface where the female releases her ova, which are immediately fertilized by the male. The eggs, grouped in a floating, gelatinous ribbon-shaped mass, hatch a few days later.

The giant frogfish is the 'fishing fish'.
Its first dorsal spine is modified, forming a 'fishing rod' that ends with a lure that looks like a worm or a shrimp.
To attract its prey, it waves that lure right above its mouth.

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