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Jewel Anemone

Corynactis viridis


This little anemone grows on hard substrates (rocks and wrecks). It is particular to rough waters with little light. As a result, it can be spotted close to the surface, under rocky overhangs and at the entrance to caves.



Corynactis often sport bright colours: greens, purples, oranges, pinks and so on. Their 100 or so tentacles are arranged in three rings around the mouth, with the longest on the outer rim. They have a slight swelling in a colour that contrasts with the rest of the body.


In addition to its ability to reproduce sexually between a male and a female, the corynactis can also reproduce asexually, by budding. In other words, a single individual can give birth to an entire ‘colony’ of genetically identical animals.

These colonies can sometimes cover up to several square metres. As a result, corynactis often make up large swathes of juxtaposed colours.

When illuminated by ultraviolet light, this anemone becomes highly fluorescent.

Atlantic Ocean


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