The super powers of marine animals

Exclusive activity booklet

This winter, the Aquarium’s scientific mediators have put together a special booklet so that you, young and old alike, can discover the incredible abilities of the creatures that inhabit our oceans.

Thirteen superpowers are illustrated, from jellyfish to sharks, from octopus to clown fish.


Activity booklet on sale (€2.50) at the Aquarium’s online ticket office and cash desk (in French only).

Have you invented a marine animal with superpowers and would you like to pass it on to the Aquarium team?


Are you ready to send us your drawing with your superpowered animal?

Choose one of the two options below and send us your drawing by e-mail.

By scanning

Using a digital scanner, scan your drawing and send it in jpeg or pdf format, remembering to include the information below in your email:


  • Your name
  • Your first name
  • Your age
  • Your city
  • A description of your pet’s superpowers

By taking pictures of it

Using a mobile phone, take a photo of your drawing and email us your photo and all the information requested above.

Remember to frame your picture well and make sure it is not too dark.

The most beautiful drawings will be presented on the Aquarium’s website.


Discover the most beautiful creations

Joyce – 5 years

Sainte Soulle (17220)


“My super fish has the power of a chameleon, he can change his colour to avoid being noticed. With his chameleon tongue he can throw stars to fight the bad guys.”

Zoé – 9 years

Saint-Lunaire (35800)


“My octopus has the power to turn waste into algae.”

Lou – 10 years

Ciré d’Aunis (17107)


“Otarlette can create water bubbles where you can go in them and also she can make all the colours”

Axel – 7 years

Chalonnes-Sur-Loire (49290)


“My fish has the power to hypnotize other animals, big and small, to eat them! “

Emile – 8 years

La Rochelle (17000)


“It has the power to seek out ink and change colour to camouflage itself”.

Lison – 11 years



“My sea animal is a cross between a sea turtle and a jellyfish, its power is to sow coral to save it.”

Nathan – 9 years

Ingré (45140)


“My sea animal is an electric eel that has the power to become giant, to make electric tornadoes to save sea animals from fishermen and whalers.”

Elyna – 4 years

Verines (17540)

Marceline – 5 years

Rochefort-sur-Loire (49190)


“It’s a butterfly fish that has the power to swim at top speed sending glitter, flowers and rainbows at other fish to make them happy.”

Eline – 5 years

Crach (56950)


“My jellyfish can sting with its tentacles and make the fish change colour.”

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