Opening Aquarium La Rochelle

An invitation to wonder and dream in absolute serenity.
The entire Aquarium team is delighted to welcome you!

Only the purchase of time-stamped tickets on our website allows access to the visit.

We invite you to read the advice below to prepare your visit.

See you soon, in the heart of the Ocean!

1. Buy your ticket on our website

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You can only buy tickets on our website in order to book your access to the visit in the time slot you have selected.

As the number of places is very limited, some time slots, half-days or days can quickly be full; remember to book your tickets as soon as possible!

2. Discover the exceptional measures


For your safety and that of the team, in addition to the rules of distancing, the Aquarium has put in place several measures which we invite you to consult.

Amongst the most important, wearing a mask is compulsory for adults and children from 11 years old and strongly recommended from 6 years old, fifteen or so hydroalcoholic gels are available at regular intervals and the frequency of cleaning of key areas is greatly increased.


A circuit and a direction of visit have also been marked out to avoid crossing paths and any backtracking is forbidden. Certain areas are closed off, for example, it is impossible to access the René Coutant amphitheatre.

3. Begin to Dream and Understand the Sea

12,000 animals

There are always plenty of good reasons to visit the Aquarium!

A fascinating journey to the edge of the Blue Planet awaits you. The magic of the underwater world is still at work, the gentle rocking of the water rivals the hypnotic movements of the animals.

Come and experience an enchanted and safe interlude. Enjoy your reading, and see you soon for an immersion in the heart of the Ocean in exceptional conditions!

You have a question and you can’t find the answer? The whole team is at your disposal by telephone on 05 46 34 00 00 or by filling in the questionnaire below:

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