Follow the Sea turtles of the C.E.S.T.M.

Follow the Sea turtles of the C.E.S.T.M.


On Friday June 29th 2018, 6 sea turtles cared and treated by the Center of Studies and Cares for Sea Turtles of the Aquarium La Rochelle have been put back to their natural environment.

Follow the footsteps of our sea turtles: discover their journeys!




Iodée is a young loggerhead turtle that arrived at the CESTM on April 3rd 2018.  It was found stranded by a family on March 31st 2018 in Porge (33). Unfortunately, this animal had one of its front flippers amputated. On June 29th, Iodée’s weight was 44kg for a 63.4cm in carapace length.


To follow Iodée’s journey click here.







Stranded on a beach in Arcachon (33) on March 25th 2018, Indigo was showing signs of hypothermia, dehydration and nutritional deficiency. Thanks to its tracking device, this young loggerhead turtle gave up a part of its story. Born in 2015, it was one of the turtle from the "Cooperative Marine Turtle Tagging Program" initiated by the Florida University Archie Carr Center for Sea Turtle Research. Indigo had been released on June 24th 2016.  On June 29th 2018, the turtle weight was 3.5kg for a 26cm in carapace length.


To follow Indigo’s journey click here.






Icare stranded on the beach of Lespecier in Mimizan (40) on January 2nd 2018, during the storm «Carmen». Its front left flipper had been cut-off. After staying on a dry atmosphere for a few days, Icare went back to its rehabilitation tank and quickly started to feed. On the day of its release, the turtle weight was 29.5kg for a 57.4cm in carapace length.


To follow Icare’s journey click here.







Idole is a loggerhead turtle that stranded in Hardelot-Plage (62) on December 6th 2017. At the time of its discovery, the turtle was suffering from extreme hypothermia; as its internal temperature was only 8°C.  Idole was also showing signs of a choc with many wounds and fractures. Given the fact that when they are almost adult, loggerhead turtles are going back to the shore they were born, we can easily assume that this particular specimen was quite far from its natural environment.  On June 29th 2018, Idole’s weight was 58kg for a 73.9cm in carapace length.


To follow Idole’s journey click here.




Ile de Ré


This turtle was found in distress nearby La Couarde sur Mer (17) on August 14th 2017. The boaters having seen the « Devenez Observateur de l'Atlantique » campaign decided to notify the C.E.S.T.M and brought the animal back to the Minimes harbor. Ile de Ré was showing signs of an inflammation due to the ingestion of a foreign object and was really weak.  After a few days of anti-inflammatory treatments and a few weeks of calcium, the loggerhead turtle was healthy again. On June 29th2018, Ile de Ré’s weight was.3kg for a 49.6cm in carapace length.


To follow Ile de Ré’s journey click here.




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