Galerie des Lumières - Aquarium La Rochelle

The Gallery of Lights

Discover the novelty of the Aquarium La Rochelle!

The Gallery of Lights

Dive into a new world, for a magical journey to the great depths.
Here, in the darkness, marine species light up and reveal their vibrant colours. From the surface to the mysterious abyss, let yourself be carried away by a magical experience and discover the secrets of light. Hold your breath, sharpen your senses, the immersion in the Gallery of Lights will amaze you.


100m² of additional visiting space, 5 new aquariums

An innovative and immersive space: new aquariums, interactive display, HD animated films... to unravel the mysteries of this world without light, discover strange phenomena, and meet surprising species: Tripod fish, Dumbo octopus, Black dragonfish, Gulper eel, Lanternfish...


An innovating space for scientific mediation

Understanding light-related phenomena in the ocean: bioluminescence, fluorescence, iridescence...

What is its role? Its effects? How do species react? Adapt? Find the answers to these questions in a fun, educational and interactive way!



Discover the Gallery of Lights!

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