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A Waltz
of Gold and
Silver Fish

Atlantic Port of Call

The temperate waters of the Atlantic reveal themselves… Cuttlefish, rays, sole and turbot try out their camouflage techniques.
A few steps away, in an unassuming ecosystem, the foreshore hides many a mystery.

From the delicate shrimp to the timid gobies, they all seem so fragile. Each day they battle wind and tide to fight for their survival.
Further on, a shoal of sardines creates a huge gold and silver painting, while Norway lobsters disappear into a landscape of jewel anemones. In this vast ocean, every fish is unique.

The heroes
of this port of call
Cuttlefish belong to the cephalopods group, which literally means « feet on the head ».
Sepia officinalis
This is one of the largest species off the southeast coast of Australia, growing up to 35 cm in leng
Hippocampus abdominalis
This fish lives in waters with temperatures ranging from -1 to 14°C.
Anarhichas lupus
This sea star reproduces in the spring and summer.
Asteria rubens
During their first two or three years, turbot live close to the coastline, moving further away as th
The long-snouted seahorse differs from other species for its long muzzle, a body sprinkled with whit
Hippocampus guttulatus
This gregarious pelagic fish migrates into the open ocean in the winter.
Sardina pilchardus
The meagre is a coastal fish whose life cycle runs its course in both seawater and freshwater.
Argyrosomus regius
The John Dory is a solitary fish that lives above sandy or muddy seabeds, up to 600 m deep.
Zeus faber
This little anemone grows on hard substrates (rocks and wrecks).
Corynactis viridis
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