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A sea turtle
treated by the CESTM

Turtles tracking
A Loggerhead turtle stranded on the beach in Kerguelen (Britany) on December the 25th 2015.

A first turtle arrived at the CESTM to be treated

Before its arrival at the C.E.S.T.M. last Wednesday (the 6th), this young loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta has been seen and rescued by the association “Volée de Piaf” and by the Aquarium of Vannes.


A blue piece of plastic (that appears to be a part of a plastic bag) has been removed from its mouth the day of its arrival.
A thorough medical examination has exclude the presence of other macro-scraps in its organism.


This very weak turtle will be closely looked after by the C.E.S.T.M. team until it can be released to the ocean in a few months.

Biometric data

  On the 25/12/15 On the 07/01/16
Weight 767g 922g
Carapace length 19cm 19cm


A loggerhead turtle arrived at the CESTM to be treated on January the 6th 2016.

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