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Marine animals

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A Sumptuous
in the Midst oh the Coral

Escape to the Indo-Pacific

Discover the wealth of coral landscapes: in great barriers, reefs and atolls, many different forms of life are having a ball.

A score of multicoloured fish fan out on the sandy bed of the turquoise lagoon.

The joyful saraband includes blowfish and unicornfish teasing the humphead wrasse.


Then, in the middle of the corals with their multitude of forms and colours, a number of famous acts appear:


the clownfish and its anemone, the hatpin urchin and its razorfish, a carnival of fish and harlequin shrimp, cascades of lionfish and fire shrimp, the show just goes on and on...

The symphony's
Ce poisson de la famille des lutjans, se rencontre au-dessus des zones sablonneuses près des récifs
Symphorichthys spilurus
Sweetlips make grunting sounds with their pharyngeal teeth, which are then amplified by their gas bl
Plectorhinchus lineatus
This fish from the dragonet family lives in coral reefs and particularly in sheltered lagoons.
Synchiropus splendidus
Dardanus tinctor
Surgeonfish derive their name from the blades like scalpels at the base of their tail.
Acanthurus lineatus
The spotted garden eel lives in colonies of several dozen to several hundreds, on sandy slopes expos
Heteroconger hassi
The bodies of butterflyfish are laterally compressed, allowing them to move about with ease through
Chelmon rostratus
The spotfin lionfish is similar to the red lionfish.
Pterois antennata
The nautilus's shell provides it with protection and acts as a flotation device.
Nautilus pompilius
Parrotfish owe their name to their colours and their teeth joined together in the shape of a beak, w
Scarus quoyi
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