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Marine animals

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of the Open Ocean and
a Ballet of Umbrellas

Jellyfish and Open Ocean Area

The stage opens onto the Ocean for a musical tableau... Blue runners tune up to the guitarfish, and a duo of little bonnethead sharks composes a fugue before the serious eyes of stoic barracudas.

While the jellyfish ballet is in motion, dainty strands of lace float about. White-spotted and compass jellyfish, Cassiopeas and Aurelias: these lovely ladies gracefully parade by, drawing attention for the elegance of their unfurled gowns.

The stars
of the show
The white-spotted jellyfish is recognizable for its bluish umbrella with evenly spaced white dots.
Phyllorhiza punctata
This small hammerhead shark is recognizable by the shape of its flat, rounded head.
Sphyrna tiburo
It inhabits sandy or muddy seabeds at depths of 9 to 100 metres.
Rhinobatos cemiculus
This jellyfish is commonly found in the surface waters of coastal regions.
Chrysaora melanaster
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