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Marine animals

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of the Deep Sea

Exploration of the Mediterranean

In the birthplace of history, in the middle of a cave, a multitude of windows open up to reveal the riches of the sea.

A shoal of salenga dances to the rhythm of the undertow and cardinalfish parade through a forest of red coral, while a troop of pomfrets plays among the branches of sea fans.
The spectacles come one after another: lullabies of burrowing anemone in a gentle moonscape, the song of slipper lobsters amidst the scorpionfish, and even an octopus testing out its mime show...

of the Mediterranean
The red scorpionfish is a sedentary fish found anywhere from 15 to 500 m below the surface.
Scorpaena scrofa
The tube anemone is similar to sea anemone.
Cérianthus membranaceus
The octopus is a solitary animal that can only bear the proximity of another in order to breed, whic
Octopus vulgaris
The swallowtail seaperch lives between 15 and 200 m in depth, along rocky slopes and close to caves.
Anthias anthias
Balistes capriscus
Groupers belong to the Serranidae family, which counts more than 400 identified species.
Epinephelus marginatus
Red coral is a colony of animals, or polyps, structured similarly to sea anemones: a sort of sack wi
Corallium rubrum
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