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Marine animals

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The Majestic
Flight of
Sea Turtles

Turtles Area

In a cloud of golden trevally, three sea turtles gently brush up against a rocky landscape. The hawksbill turtle stands out for its size and for the designs on its shell that allow this tricky creature to hide among the rocks.

The younger green turtle mischievously darts about here and there, under the kindly eyes of two leopard moray eels.

The loggerhead turtle parades among the numerous golden trevallies.

The dancers
in this choreography
The loggerhead turtle is commonly known as the «big-headed turtle» and can also be recognized for i
Caretta caretta
More of a carnivore in its younger years, it becomes a herbivore in its adulthood.
Chelonia mydas
As a general rule, hawksbill turtles only reproduce every two or three years.
Eretmochelys imbricata
The longfin bannerfish is characterized by a long tendril extending from its fourth dorsal fin.
Heniochus acuminatus
This trevally has a unique colouring, a brilliant yellow with vertical black bars.
Gnathanodon speciosus
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