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Méduse striée - Aquarium La Rochelle
This jellyfish is commonly found in the surface waters of coastal regions.
Chrysaora melanaster
Poisson ange français - Aquarium La Rochelle
At the base of their opercle, all angelfish have a strong spine that points backward and becomes a f
Pomacanthus paru
Requin corail  - Aquarium La Rochelle
The whitetip reef shark is often observed « sleeping » on the ocean floor.
Triaenodon obesus
Poisson porc-épic - Aquarium La Rochelle
The long-spine porcupinefish has powerful jaws with teeth joined together to form a beak.
Diodon holacanthus
Baliste gris - Aquarium La Rochelle
Balistes capriscus
Piranha à ventre rouge - Aquarium La Rochelle
There are more than 80 species of piranha, most of which are herbivores.
Pygocentrus nattereri
Corail rouge - Aquarium La Rochelle
Red coral is a colony of animals, or polyps, structured similarly to sea anemones: a sort of sack wi
Corallium rubrum
Crabe touloulou - Aquarium La Rochelle
This little red crab, called 'touloulou' or 'tourlourou' in French, is common to
Gecarcinus lateralis
Poisson clown à queue jaune - Aquarium La Rochelle
They live in communities led by a dominant couple.
Amphiprion clarkii
Raie guitare - Aquarium La Rochelle
It inhabits sandy or muddy seabeds at depths of 9 to 100 metres.
Rhinobatos cemiculus
Murène verte - Aquarium La Rochelle
The green moray lives in rocky areas and coral reefs between 3 and 40 m underwater.
Gymnothorax funebris
Maigre - Aquarium La Rochelle
The meagre is a coastal fish whose life cycle runs its course in both seawater and freshwater.
Argyrosomus regius
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