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Seiche commune  - Aquarium La Rochelle
Cuttlefish belong to the cephalopods group, which literally means « feet on the head ».
Sepia officinalis
Carangue royale jaune - Aquarium La Rochelle
This trevally has a unique colouring, a brilliant yellow with vertical black bars.
Gnathanodon speciosus
Poisson porte enseigne - Aquarium La Rochelle
The Moorish idol is related to surgeonfish but differs in its lack of a scalpel shaped spine at the
Zanclus cornutus
Gramma royal - Aquarium La Rochelle
The royal gramma, also known as the fairy basslet, lives in small shoals close to coral reefs, from
Gramma loreto
Loup de l'atlantique - Aquarium La Rochelle
This fish lives in waters with temperatures ranging from -1 to 14°C.
Anarhichas lupus
Sardine - Aquarium La Rochelle
This gregarious pelagic fish migrates into the open ocean in the winter.
Sardina pilchardus
Tortue de Floride - Aquarium La Rochelle
The pond slider is called the 'Florida turtle' in French.
Trachemys scripta
Tarpon de l’Atlantique - Aquarium La Rochelle
Tarpons live in coastal waters, estuaries, lagoons and sometimes even rivers.
Megalops atlanticus
Poisson ballon à taches blanches - Aquarium La Rochelle
The white-spotted puffer is found on mixed seabeds (of coral, sand, detritus and sea grass) in estua
Arothron hispidus
Saint-Pierre - Aquarium La Rochelle
The John Dory is a solitary fish that lives above sandy or muddy seabeds, up to 600 m deep.
Zeus faber
Méduse constellée - Aquarium La Rochelle
The white-spotted jellyfish is recognizable for its bluish umbrella with evenly spaced white dots.
Phyllorhiza punctata
Hippocampe à gros ventre  - Aquarium La Rochelle
This is one of the largest species off the southeast coast of Australia, growing up to 35 cm in leng
Hippocampus abdominalis
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